At SK Clinic & Spa we believe in results. Our treatments have been developed to exceed the expectations of the client seeking results-driven treatments tailored to your individual needs, while also incorporating holistic aspects to ensure you feel relaxed, nourished and refreshed both throughout and after your visit.  Through the use of the leading Pevonia Botanica product range, we are able to deliver the highest quality professional treatments.
Pevonia follows a holistic philosophy combining nature with the latest scientific technology to deliver an exceptional range of treatments with outstanding highly visible results for all skin types.

It is our intention that you select the most appropriate treatments and packages to suit your individual needs. Our extensive treatment menu is grouped into categories, each with an explanation and most treatments are unisex.

Our SK Packages are designed to ease the selection process, each with a specific therapeutic purpose. Seasonal packages are also available at excellent value, please enquire at reception. If you are unsure which treatments or packages to select or if you need clarification on certain areas, our highly trained spa booking team will advise and assist you accordingly during your visit to the Spa.

Pevonia Body Polishes

Good Spa Guide Keep your skin looking its absolute best and of peak radiance with a choice of Pevonia exfoliation treatments. By exfoliating the skin you will remove all dead skin cells and surface impurities resulting in a smooth, bright, radiant complexion.



A spa exfoliating treatment unlike any other! This Saltmousse Glow will remove dead skin cells and impurities. As water is added to the Saltmousse, the skin is polished with this aromatic scrub. As it pleasantly foams it naturally rehabilitates the skin leaving a youthful smooth surface. Select from: Pineapple-Papaya or Mango-Passion Fruit.

Duration: 30 mins

RRP. £35.00
Body Scrub


A rich, creamy-textured skin-refining body scrub to remove impurities and rough skin. Gentle and deep-cleansing, the natural jojoba granules activate the blood circulation without harming fine capillaries leaving skin soft, silky and smooth.

Duration: 30 mins

RRP. £30.00


As delightful aromas entice the senses, the body is gently massaged removing impurities and dead skin cells whilst stimulating circulation, bringing skin back to superb radiance. An holistic approach to luxurious silky, smooth skin.

Duration: 30 mins

RRP. £35.00


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